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Poet to Poet is a community for poets writing books. Our conversations and classes pull back the curtain on how poets progress toward a book, from the accumulation of fledgling drafts, to iteration and revision, to discovering the book’s driving theme and ideal structure, to finding and working with a publisher. The community started as a free weekly newsletter on Substack and grew from there.

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Open to all poets currently working on a book or curious about the book-development process. Join for access to members-only conversations, class discounts, and more. The Poets Circle membership is just $15/month. Members who join now will have access to the community at this low price indefinitely. Stay for as long as you’d like—cancel any time. 

Why Poet to Poet?

Poetry is not just a creative outlet, it’s a life practice. Writing books of poetry is the fruition of that practice. Writing a poetry book is exhilarating, and yet the process of shaping a book and finding a publisher can be frustrating, confusing, and hard to navigate.

Poet to Poet aims to bring more transparency and focus—and joy!—to that process. Recognizing that every poetry book has its own journey, Poet to Poet brings poets together to hold the space for this work and chart a path to publication. 


Who Should Join?

If you’re working on a manuscript or curious about the process of manuscript development, this community is for you. Our conversations and most classes are open to writers of all levels—no prior publication is required. 


The Poet to Poet Community hosts free and members-only virtual conversations every month. Join us to learn about developing a poetry collection, revising and ordering poems, researching publishers, submitting, building a platform for your work, and more.

Radha Marcum, Founder

I’m an award-winning poet who has taught poetry for over 20 years. My collection Bloodline (3: A Taos Press) was awarded the New Mexico Book Award in 2018, and my poems appear widely in esteemed journals, including Gulf Coast, FIELD, West Branch, Bennington Review, The Bellingham Review, Notre Dame Review, Pleiades, and Poetry Northwest, among others. I have been a finalist for the FIELD Poetry Prize, the Alice James Beatrice Hawley Award, the Akron Poetry Prize, and the Persea Books Lexi Rudnitsky Poetry Prize. I studied writing at Bennington College and the University of Washington, Seattle, where I held the Klepser Fellowship in Poetry.

In addition to teaching writing, I’ve also worked as a journalist and marketer. In other words, I ask a lot of questions and love to tease out essential insights. In this case, how do poets sustain a creative practice, engage with core subject matters and themes, develop a successful collection of poems, and find a publisher?

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